About Marvel

Marvel Biotechnology Inc. (the “Company”) is a life sciences company whose primary focus is the discovery and the development of a synthetic derivative compound of a known proven drug. Our business model capitalizes on significantly lower cost, less time and a lower risk profile to bring a drug asset to commercialization faster than the traditional long-term biotech model.

The Company has been specifically focused on the discovery of new chemical entities that inhibits the A2a adenosine receptor. The A2a receptor is a target for a number of diseases representing areas of significant unmet medical needs, each with multi-billion dollar potential, and with fundamentally no competitors.

Our drug assets are targeted for the treatment of large and growing markets associated with a predominantly aging population. The Company is targeting specifically (1) neurological diseases that have not been treated with conventional therapeutics, specifically: (i) Alzheimer’s Disease (“AD”), (ii) depression and (iii) addictions;  (2) cancer.